Have a reason to rising every morning

I hope you view this read from (my point of view),because I want to draw a line between yesterday and today!Is your life a continuous of yesterdays or a renewal of yesterday.

A continuous yesterday
This is a life that you have been distracted by your comfortability,and in return you are living in routine each day everyday because you have allowed yourself to live under RULES THAT ARE NOT YOUR OWN…you’re denying yourself all your set goals,all those new year resolutions,your energy has been stored and your inner fire that is your drive has been put out,you live in a life where you constantly give yourself hope,which sets you on a procrastination of a later life,where all your things are planned for later instead of NOW

Have you ever wondered why big recording artistes keep on releasing hits after hits or why that rich person will get another big house and another big machine of a car?
This people have an inner renewal of yesterday that tells them that they will achieve more in renewing themselves.RENEWING IS REMOTIVATING,RE ENERGISING,REBUILDING FROM YESTERDAY and taking today as a challenge.
You must find yourself and constantly set your self to reminding yourself of a mantra that will keep you on your toes to living a life that is now


We must have been enjoying the date at the lake alteast she was holding tight on me and i was just there thinking this was the only person out of this entire earth that God had chosen for me!
Her:Is this what u do everday?
Me:what is she really asking?did she think i brought just any girl..but my ego was there telling me to just say i came here often with anyone..but i’d be hurting her but really that is never the case cause i never brought anyone with me there
Her:You must be very creative for u to come here,this place is so captivating the birds swim as though humans dont really no how to swimm,and the waters shine as though to replace the stars of the night
Me:holding tight on her as though i wanted her to fit into my flesh…(out of nowhere two birds chasing after each other with one one trying to make out)she laughs
And i whisper in her ear..this place is where i come to laugh and read all those texts we write
Her:I may be a fool when im with u,i laugh at ua silly jokes,u make me do insane things,we throw stones at nothing but the thing is u really make me forget myself and discover me
Me:I wish i had u everyday because eachday u make me wise,and the more im with u, Solomon becomes envious since someone will outwit him
Her:will my Solomon have those many wives
Me:Not really,i will just tell God to give u the beauty of all those women and more of them
Her:she grabs my hands and she places them on her cheeks
Me:im shaking not because of the awesome breeze(afraid that my hands might be cold and make her numb)but i raise my eyes and our eyes meet
Her:I dont want to love,i just want to open myself to u and never let u come out and take care of u like a baby
love is for the birds and we enjoyed watching the birds